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Siberian Wellness' production welcomes new Business Profis!
Was published June 27

What are the must-see places in Siberia? Altai, Lake Baikal, and of course, Siberian Wellness' production facility! Anyone can visit the first two places, whereas the heat of the Company is open to the best of the best only.

35 Consultants achieved one of the most important qualifications – Business Profi, were able to see for themselves that the sky is limit with Siberian Wellness! On June 7th they went on a thrilling trip to the Company's production facility and logistics center, met experts who create Siberian Wellness' products and tested some hits, asked their questions and saw first-hand the huge high-tech complex settled down in the very heart of Siberia.

Siberian Wellness' production

What do travelers say about this trip?

Olesya Ulyanova, Russia
I've been dreaming to visit Siberian Wellness' production since I partnered with the Company. It was important for me to see the facility's scale and make sure that production meets all current technical requirements. But what I saw topped all my expectations!
Siberian Wellness' production
Siberian Wellness' production
Sergey Shestakov, Russia
Excursion to the production bolstered my belief in the Company! I realized: everything we heard from videos and presentations is a downright truth. Siberian Wellness has its heart and it is beating. After visiting Berdsk I can say for sure: it's the most exciting thing I've ever seen in my life!
Durdona Omanova and Bakhrom Kushnazarov, Uzbekistan
We set the goal: to do our best and get an opportunity to visit the Company's production. We went for it step by step and now after visiting Berdsk we understand: that's how step by step we can reach the higher rank too.
Olga Medvedeva, Russia
When the Company frankly shows the entire process of products creation and you see it first-hand – you realize that all your dreams will certainly come true. It makes you believe in yourself.
Mariya Yelagina, Russia
I'm deeply impressed because I visited the place I've been dreaming of since I became a Client. Tableting line impressed me the most: the technologies used there is an utter space! The whole process looks like a scene from a sci-fi movie. Cutting-edge equipment, modern high-tech design makes you feel like you stepped into the future!
Irina Kuznetsova, Russia
It was superb! During the trip, the production and logistics center scale took my breath away. I was particularly impressed by the utmost requirements to the storage of the products: certain microclimate, raw materials quarantine, loading rules. I saw that the Company is scrupulous in ensuring customer's safety. I'm happy beyond belief for such an award for my achievements. It's an invaluable experience! It's a dream of any Siberian Wellness Consultant to be here!
Siberian Wellness' production
Alexander Pilyuk, Belarus
Most recently, we returned from a reward trip to Vietnam, and I was the first Consultant from Belarus to get acquainted with the production facility of Siberian Wellness! This is world-class equipment certified according to international quality standards: ISO, GMP, HACCP. I was so so excited to see that the production line is “sealed” in glass. Even the exhaled air of the operators is cleared. Seeing this, I got a full picture of what is behind international quality certificates.
Tatyana Pelevina, Russia
Excursion to the facility is an invaluable experience. This is an opportunity to see the production process from the inside and communicate with people who are involved in it. I'm overwhelmed with emotions when telling my Consultants about it! My confidence that I am in the right Company has increased by 1000%.
Helena and Wilhelm Zander, Germany
We are happy that we were able to visit our production! It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience! We are very pleased, and everything is just beginning for us.

Thanks to all for three unforgettable days!
Live in Siberian Wellness style – win, travel and be happy!

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