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From the Siberian taiga to advanced technologies
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True science, future technologies
Russian manufacturing in the very heart of Siberia: eco-friendly, high-tech, high-quality, certified in compliance with international quality standards.
Our history
Within 24 years of business, we have proved that Siberia represents not only the lungs of our planet, but also a worldwide laboratory of beauty, health and sport. Siberian Wellness products are well-known in more than 60 countries across the world. And we are growing non-stop!
Protecting and conserving: our eco-projects
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When nature calls
Nobody stays indifferent: strong initiatives of the World Around You Charitable Foundation. Find out everything about saker falcons and why the world needs “Point No. 1”.
Shaping the future of the planet
We invest in long-term projects: complete environmental safety, health and well-being of the nation, income accessible to all and sustainable consumption.
Eco-approach as a lifestyle, not a trend
Products: no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial flavors and colors. Manufacturing: with respect for nature.
Lifestyle: healthy, active, dynamic
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We are friends with sport!
We are a part of world-class sports! The Universiade, the Russian Olympic Committee and Siberian Wellness!
Business School online
Free distance-learning package: from perfumery and cosmetics up to international business and top marketing.