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Breaking Records: The Results of the Spring 100 Ha Planting Season!
Was published July 13

The spring 2023 season of the 100 Ha Project is complete: Hectares of young forest have been planted, hundreds of words of gratitude have been spoken, and thousands of happy smiles have been captured! And we are excited to share the incredible and record-breaking results!

The importance of the forest-climatic agenda in Russia and around the world is growing year by year. In 2022, experts identified 6 major environmental issues in Europe: Air pollution, drought, wildfires, rising sea levels caused by climate change, biodiversity loss, and plastic pollution. Some of these issues are directly linked to deforestation, as the world loses 26 million hectares of trees annually. The reasons can vary, including deforestation, forest fires, and logging activities. The consequence remains consistent: The forested areas are rapidly diminishing.

100 Ha is not just a tree-planting project, but an integral part of the Company's forest-climate agenda. Reforestation, including in areas affected by forest fires, plays a crucial role in addressing various environmental challenges collectively:

  • Biodiversity conservation. The forest is not just an ecosystem, but also a vital habitat for a wide range of animals and plants. Habitat loss has pushed thousands of species to the brink of extinction.
  • Soil protection. Deforestation contributes to soil erosion, the formation of gullies, and increases the risk of floods and landslides.
  • Prevention of land desertification. Every year, desertification expands, encroaching on fertile land and posing a threat to food security. Unregulated tree felling and excessive grazing result in the displacement of dense vegetation by sand, leading to the emergence of sandstorms in previously unaffected areas.
  • Glacier conservation. Deforestation in mountainous regions accelerates the melting of glaciers, resulting in increased risks of mudflows and floods.
  • Air purification. Although trees are not a major source of oxygen, they produce a significant amount of it. They also absorb carbon dioxide and cool the planet.

The World Around You Siberian Wellness Foundation started a reforestation journey with a small-scale initiative to plant 5 ha of trees in Novosibirsk. In just three years, the campaign has grown into a large-scale international project, yielding incredible results! This spring, Siberian Wellness volunteers planted as much forest as in all previous seasons of the project combined!

Tatyana Gorokhovskaya, the President of Siberian Wellness: «"The 100 Ha Project is a remarkable demonstration of how the brand engages its Clients and Consultants in a voluntary movement. As experts in working with people, we take pride in not only achieving business results but also making a significant contribution to the restoration of forests worldwide."

The spring 2023 of 100 Ha Project is:

  • 154.9 ha of forest
  • 619,600 tree seedlings
  • 2,973 volunteers worldwide
  • 8 countries, including Estonia and Greece, which participated for the first time
  • 39 regions of Russia

Since the project's inception, over 7,000 volunteers have planted a remarkable total of 1,073,965 trees, covering an area of 268.2 hectares. The project's mechanics have proven to be excellent, yielding such inspiring results that there is no doubt about the upcoming season. We anticipate receiving even more applications from organizers, attracting more volunteers, and planting even more hectares of forest!

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