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Siberian Wellness – for those who crave for a bright life!

Fair business for wellness entrepreneurs: International prospects, a responsible eco-approach, global production of innovative products for health, sports, and beauty.

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Our values have their roots in Siberia, where Siberian Wellness was established. This is a place where traditions are honored, science is advanced, nature is protected and deeply valued. Today, natural products for beauty, health, and sports, along with exclusive fragrances under all our brands are sought after in more than 60 countries worldwide. The process of their creation has evolved into an international endeavor. Siberian Wellness production units operate in Russia, Serbia, Italy, Uzbekistan, and our expansion efforts continue. The Company strives to ensure that people across the globe have access to both the effectiveness of Siberian Wellness' universal product range and specialized product series customized to suit the unique needs of each region. In each locality, we use the best of science and the bountiful offerings of the local environment and present it to you in the form of innovative solutions that broaden the scope of opportunities, all while upholding our commitment to caring for our shared planet. Our most significant accomplishment, one that fills us with pride, is the trust placed in us by our Consultants and the hundreds of thousands of Clients.

A course for sustainable development!

In order to promote social well-being and a culture of responsible attitude towards nature, technology and economic development, providing people with access to better living conditions, we need to act on a large scale here and now. <br><br>That's why we invest in the future: We create products for sports, beauty, and wellness and help millions of people around the world to fulfill themselves.

8 out of 17

UN sustainable development goals


Sustainable development plan of 6 priority areas: Eco-manufacturing, eco-packaging, eco shops, eco-activities, ecosystems and climate, eco-education


Contributing to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Progressive production close to the Client


The Company's own production units in Siberia, Europe, and Asia are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, guaranteeing consistent product deliveries to Clients in over 60 countries.

bg-right iso GMP HACCP

International standards certify the quality of produced products

340 thousands

packages a day – capacity of operation lines

14+ thousand sq. m

total area of production units

Our products are free from sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and other potentially hazardous substances – this is our guiding principle and concern for consumers. We care about nature, which shares so many precious assets with us. That's why our production lines are equipped with multi-stage water and air filtration systems. As our engineers say, the exhale can be cleaner than inhale.

Wholesome products available worldwide

Thanks to the company-owned Representative Offices and logistics centers in other countries, Siberian Wellness products are available in more than 60 countries of the world. Flagship Stores operate in 26 countries where anyone can become acquainted with the true Siberia.


Ingredients: The best of the world

We work with the biggest Russian and foreign producers of raw materials and bioactive ingredients. We cooperate with companies all over the world — from France to South Korea, from Germany to Japan, relying on reputation and stable quality of market leaders. All delivered products are certified according to the most stringent international standards, but, nevertheless, they are additionally checked in our production laboratories.


We are inspired by sports!

One of the key directions of the Company – development of innovative natural sports products and functional nutrition. Siberian Wellness is the official partner of the Russian Olympic Committee in the category of Innovations. In addition, every month we encourage thousands of new Clients to live a healthy lifestyle, cultivating in them love for an active lifestyle. Sports are our constant partner in business and life!

olimp russia krasnoyarsk

Siberian Wellness – the official sponsor of the Winter Universiade 2019 in the category of Healthy Food and Drink and the official partner of the Russian Olympic Committee in the category of Innovations.

Knowledge is the main value!

Special project – Business School online – distance learning courses developed by specialists in marketing, medicine, and business. Our courses provide knowledge and skills required in today's ever-changing world: The basics of advertising, PR and marketing, the key aspects of a healthy lifestyle and financial literacy, the main product trends of the 21st century.

Let's create a "green" future together!

<p>Siberian Wellness knows how to value the resources that nature generously bestows upon us. For many years, we have been producing wellness and beauty products using natural ingredients. We love nature, and true love for it entails taking tangible actions. At the core of our values is expressing gratitude and reciprocating goodness, which prompted us to establish The World Around You Foundation in 2011.</p><p>The Foundation works in three key directions:</p><p>• Nature and wildlife</p><p>• Science and eco-education</p><p>• Volunteering</p><p>We actively engage in environmental campaigns, conduct expeditions, support the study and conservation of Lake Baikal, and work towards protecting rare species of animals and birds, including the snow leopard, bowhead whale, Baikal seal, saker falcon, steppe eagle, and more.</p><p>We collaborate with the best experts who inspire trust and confidence. Our partners are charitable foundations, conservation areas, volunteer groups, human rights groups, and civil society organizations.</p><p>Nature protection and sustainable use of natural resources are among the Company's fundamental values. Change the world for the better with Siberian Wellness!</p><div><br></div>


Look, what we have already achieved and realized!

150 mil. rubles

raised for good deeds


seedlings planted under 100 ha project


expeditions and eco-events were successfully held

11 years

on the guard of the planet

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